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The Americas: Transnational and Transatlantic Perspectives

This cluster facilitates interdisciplinary and interregional collaboration by providing a platform for cultural, literary, social, historical, political, economic, and ecological investigations in order to contribute to a theoretical (re)conceptualization of area/regional studies. Within the European context, the study of the American continent has traditionally focused on national borders and political entities, thus reinforcing individual nation states on the basis of established colonial structures, such as Europe-Canada, Europe-US, and Europe-Latin America. Research coordinated within this cluster redefines research areas away from national connotations towards regional (hemispheric) denotations. This repositioning of American Studies as transnational has led to the institutionalization of the newly-established discipline of Inter-American Studies. In addition, by emphasizing the relational aspect of transatlantic perspectives traditional modes of research are both reinforced and subverted and interdependent transnational dialogues beyond established patterns are created. In this light, this cluster contributes largely to the University of Graz’s declared research emphasis in North, Central, and South America (including the Caribbean).


Current and potential research fields of the cluster:

-) Inter-American studies

-) Transnational American studies

-) Transatlantic relations

-) National statehood, diversity

-) Human rights, legal pluralism

-) Phenomena regarding national borders (legal, economic, ecologic, cultural)

-) Regional policy factors

-) Intercultural communication

-) Scientific exchange

-) Education cooperation

-) Cultural contact

-) Literatures

-) Languages

-) Historic interrelations

-) Analysis of correlations in the light of globalization processes

-) Effects of climate change, society-environment-relations

-) Migration, diaspora phenomena

-) Aging studies

-) Indigenous population

-) Popular culture



Roberta Maierhofer roberta.maierhofer(at)uni-graz.at



Ao.Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr.phil. M.A. Roberta Maierhofer Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 8198


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